Beta Marine have been longstanding clients of ours – in fact we’d rather not mention how many years we’ve been working with Beta…it’s been so long! They are boat engine manufacturers based in Gloucestershire. We help them with a complete range of design requirements – from brochures and manuals, to websites – including an online shop – and exhibition stand design. See more info below!


We redesigned the Beta site a couple of years ago to bring it up to speed with requirements for responsiveness and functionality across all platforms. A couple of years on and we are giving it another refresh. Working alongside the new Business Development Manager, Andy, we are really enhancing it with new graphical elements that will pull the whole site together and make it easier to navigate. These graphical elements will also follow on through to the specification manuals for consistency across the brand.


When we first started working with Beta, we were mainly handling the design, layout and print of their engine manuals. These are technical documents with a lot of information to process, so it is important that the layout is as clean as it can be. Imagery plays a big part, too, and we are also involved in the photography of new engine ranges and the retouching in photoshop to ensure they are print ready. We are giving the manuals a bit of a refresh to fall in line with recent work we have been doing to the website, so that everything has a consistent look and feel.


The Beta shop allows them to sell their spares online to the general public. We have built this website in Opencart but have heavily custom coded certain parts of it to allow for features that don’t come out of the box to allow for greater flexibility. We have also tried to make sure that it falls in line with the design and styling of the main Beta site for consistency throughout.


Beta attend a few exhibitions a year and always require a stand space that looks a little different. We handle their wall graphics and we always have to consider the physical elements within the stand, such as boat engines that are often on display which may block key messages within the imagery. For a recent show, we designed a boat mast complete with branded sails made from tensile fabric, for something a little different. We use Sketchup and other 3D modelling software to layout stand space and to make sure dimensions are accurate.