WordPress Web Design, Gloucestershire & South West

Why WordPress? Why Monostudio?

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) and we use this to create custom WordPress websites, tailored to our clients’ unique specifications. It provides the flexibility to create fully functioning and effective websites that can be expanded to meet the ever growing needs of your business. From an online catalogue to a complete e-commerce or membership site, we craft mobile friendly and responsive sites that look great on any device.

When our creative team takes on any new web design project, they carefully consider brand alignment, your target market, as well as your overall marketing objectives. You can have as little or as much input as you like towards the design, but we will guide you when it comes to site UI/UX. If no current branding exists, we are more than happy to work with you on logo design, colour palettes and brand identity if required.

To start, our in-house WordPress developers will wireframe your site with initial concept sketches and visuals, or on a test site hosted on our secure servers. Next, we bring them to life and code your custom theme. Upon completion, one of our team will train you in administrating the back of the site. We always provide walkthrough documentation if needed. You will be able to login to your admin area on any device that has an active internet connection.

Already have a WordPress website?  You may be interested in our scalable maintenance or hosting packages.

From £700+VAT
  • This package is perfect if you’re just starting out and need a solid platform to launch your business.
  • 5x Pages
  • 1x Contact form
  • Social Media links
  • Responsive design
  • Simple colourways
  • Blogging & Portfolios

fully featured.
From £2500+VAT
  • This is the package you need if you are looking to really impress online and launch your business into the stratosphere!
  • Unlimited pages and unlimited customisation.
  • Get in touch to find out more...

WordPress Website Packages

Our packages are designed to fulfill the needs of both our client’s briefs and budgets. Up-front pricing that tells you exactly what you can expect for your money. These packages can be used as a basis for a custom quote if they don’t quite fit the bill for you – we can be flexible! Get in touch today to kick-start your project with us.

Take a look below for a breakdown of the types of websites, features and functionality we’re experts at building!

Responsive wordpress websites.

WordPress is the perfect platform to ensure you will have a completely responsive website that looks great in multiple browsers and on all screen sizes. A responsive website reflows to show the content either in rows, or stacked, depending on your screen width so that your key messaging will never get lost and your brand will perform consistently. Nothing is hard and fast templated, so it really gives us the opportunity to create something unique.

Your fully responsive WordPress website has a back-end dashboard, where you’ll be able to edit existing text or imagery and add new, fresh content as needed. This new content could be static pages, imagery or blog posts – all managed using an easy to use drag and drop editor. Extra functionality can be added with plugins – from complex forms to ecommerce, elearning and membership systems – we’ve got experience integrating a lot of free and paid-for plugins across the board. With a little helping hand from us to set everything up, you’ll be managing your own site in no time.

Looks great on all screen sizes

The WordPress platform really does make it easy to reflow, hide or add elements based on the user’s screen size.

Easy to edit customised theme

The wordpress theme we use is extremely flexible giving us the opportunity to create the layout and the structure of the site as freely as we wish.

Fully customised system

Wordpress has a great number of plugins and additional software that can be used to enhance the functionality of your site.

Templated content

Whilst the theme we use isn’t templated at all, individual elements can be templated to help you edit your site once it’s up and running.

E-commerce using WooCommerce for WordPress.

Having an ecommerce website gives you an endless list of benefits that can really boost your business. We specialise in building ecommerce websites using WooCommerce, which is a fully customisable, ecommerce platform built for WordPress. WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with a wide range of payment gateways including PayPalStripeAmazon PaySagePay and WorldPay.

Our custom ecommerce websites are built to your specifications by our in-house team of expert website designers and developers. They can include the following features and more: subscription based products, personalised products, booking calendars, membership databases, wishlists, product reviews, shop sorting and filtering, up-sells and cross-sells, plus integration with third party software such as accounting platforms, CRMs and stock management systems. Managing your ecommerce site is easy and as an admin you’ll be able to customise products and prices effortlessly as well as export orders and see a range of statistics. We also offer other services to further increase your security (including two factor authentication), our experts will discuss these options with you. If you would like a demonstration of an admin area or information on pricing please get in touch.

Easily edit content

Via the admin area you will easily be able to add, edit and manage all elements of your products.

Order management & reporting

You will be able to quickly access, filter and process orders via the admin area.

Customer experience

Customers who create an account on your site will be able to view previous orders as well as place new orders quickly.


Any site hosted with us has an SSL certificate as standard.

WordPress event booking systems.

Building your event booking website in WordPress gives you the flexibility and control to market your event on your own terms. No pigeon-holing information into templated set-ups. Your front-end can look however you like. And the back of the site is a custom-built system, tailored to your needs. Want to collect a lot of information up-front about your attendees using a complex form? We’ve got you covered. Need tiered pricing, early bird rates, coupons and discounts? No problem. Take payment up front for tickets and passes. Customised invoicing available, too. Our systems are scalable so you’re not restricted to just one event and it is easily linked to most major payment gateways, so registration is easy for you users and your accounts!

Unlike standardised systems already on the market, where you’re either tied into a subsription or you say goodbye to a cut of your sales…..our system means you end up with a tailored solution for one-time fee – and the profit you make on your event is all yours. It’s a no-brainer!

Easily collect bookings and payments

We can build a system that allows you to quickly set up an event and get the sales rolling in.

Downloadable registration lists

Your registration list is easily exported as a csv file – and all information is recorded and available in the back-end of the site.

Flexible front end design

Using WordPress as your front-end solution means that the layout can be configured exactly how you’d like it.

No cut of your profits!

A one-off fee for the design and build of your custom event site, means that we’re not dipping into your profits or tying you down into a subscription based platform.

WordPress courses & elearning websites.

We use a plugin called Learndash to create simple and easy to use elearning sites. Great for clients who want to offer their members or users access to courses on specific subjects, with the ability to deliver them in a variety of different ways. Content for each course can vary – ranging from quizzes, exams and assignments to downloadable lesson resources and video content. Paid for content with easy payment gateway connections to stripe or paypal. Additionally, certificates can be produced for the user upon completion and courses can be assigned a weighted points system. Course specific admins can check user progress as well as download an export of all learners in their group.

Free or purchasable courses

Set up free or paid-for courses, ready for your users to enroll.

Step by step learning

Courses can be set up to follow a linear or free-form system giving the user control over how they complete the course.

Full admin access

Admin users can be added into the back of the site to take charge over specific groups of elearners.