Welcome to Mono!

We are a small dedicated team of designers with breadth of experience across all manner of marketing media. We have worked alongside SPVS for many years designing and building the current site and supplying creative for events, exhibitions – basically anything that requires impact or a visual element. SPVS Congress has been one of our projects for over 10 years . . . . creating the various themes, booking systems, website, catalogue, programme, signage, the list goes on.

Veterinary Marketing must be in our blood as we build and manage that site too alongside membership systems and the VMA Awards every year.

Our wide experience in a variety of industries enables us the bring a fresh approach to Your Practice and we thought it time the SPVS membership had the chance to dip a toe in the MONO water so to speak!

This no obligation commitment of an hour of our time, whether it’s a chat, ask a question or a more defined task, is available only to SPVS members.

Based in the Cotswolds with good communications, once we work with a client, we prefer to meet face to face as frequently as possible to be able to understand any project requirement to get the best results.

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We’re a friendly, approachable, hands-on team.

Contact us on 01453 765366