Portek are one of our long standing clients – we go way back! They are the creators and suppliers of products for the farming and agriculture sector and we work together with Portek on the design, branding, marketing and packaging of each unique product. We also design and manage their website and dealer finder. See below for more info.


As mentioned above, we have redesigned the Portek website to fall in line with a branding refresh carried out at the end of 2016. The website contains lot of information and downloadable pdfs such as instruction booklets and marketing leaflets for each product. Official Portek Dealers can also log into the site and download relevant imagery and product documentation.

Alongside the website is the Dealer Finder – a bespoke feature, hand coded, to allow a member of the general public to search for the required product and find their nearest dealer based on their postcode.


We handle the design and print of any forward facing Portek document – be it a product leaflet, brochure or advert. We always strive to design all artwork so that it falls in line with the overall branding and stands out as instantly recognisable as Portek.


When Portek are launching a new product, we are always involved from the get-go. We start with initial logos and branding, moving onto the design of any supporting instructional leaflets or adverts and ending with the design of the inner and outer packaging. It is important that each new product is it’s own stand-alone item, yet it still ties in with the overall brand and can be instantly identified as a Portek product.