Nothing captures your audience’s attention quicker than a short vid, animation or infographic! The use of vids on websites, in presentations and throughout social media is increasing. The power of a visual story as an introduction to your business is greater than the written word. After all, who wants to read reems and reems of text?

Working both in-house and alongside a top animator – we can write your script, draft your storyboard, record your voice-over and create for you a quality short vid to engage and promote your business.

It all starts with storyboards and concepts. We use this as a base to build on, to create your perfect video or infographic.

We can write you a catchy script to engage your clients and provide all the information required without reading reems of text!

All our animation is done in-house, so we really are your one-stop-shop for short vids and animations. We have the skills to create you something special!

A glimpse of what we can do…

Fabric Architecture – CPD Video

Fabric Architecture – Show Reel Animation

GM Medical Solutions – Animation

Fabric Architecture – Show Reel Video

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